Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Has anyone noticed

the angel on the face of a few of Warhol's Marilyn prints?

Look between her eyes and you'll find the angel's head/halo, left and right for her wings, and downward to the flowing dress of her nose.

Why do I bring this up? My book's research has taken me to Andy Warhol, the agent of perfectly timed controversy who unashamedly made something clean ("art") of that which was considered base (commercial products and advertising). In the process, commerce and culture were bridged in a manner no longer ignorable.

And this is the heart of the modern branding discussion; er, the glue binding my assertion that branding is merely the brain's valuation battle between Money, Information, Loyalty, and Time.

Next topic.

Busy with my latest creation,, which should launch some time this week. A completely free, registrationless online environment where brands and media vehicles are matched according to their respective criteria (i.e., a dating site or even

It's an out-of-pocket experiment for now, but I have objectives for this thing.

They'll be met.