Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Congratulations OSU,

you've officially dropped to #120 in the Best Brands in College Football.

Starting in just a few weeks you'll begin the long, arduous process of brand recovery. It will be extremely difficult. Ugly. Painful. Rife with embarrassing allusions in the press and mocking punnery on homemade signs in the GameDay crowd. And the country will be rooting even harder against you than ever before (which I previously considered unimaginable).

But rest assured that true brand loyals like myself will be there with you, though it may rarely seem evident for a while.

When those we love most in life falter, well, that's when loved ones are needed most.

As I wrote in the original post last fall, when disaster strikes great brands, they are bowed but unbroken.

Let's see just how great you are.